Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Did I mention Morrowind is awesome?

Just when you think you found the perfect equipment, the best method of attack, or the most powerful enchantment that borders on cheating, you meet this one enemy which takes everything uot of you. Thank god for that, because if things went on the way they went, I would most likely have gotten bored with the combat which had become easy. Well turns out it's not easy. Not always. If you're up against the same enemy all the time, then yeah, it gets easy; you figure out their attacks - even to the point where you can dodge their magical projectiles - and often you'll strike them down before they even get to damage your health. But every now and then a new combination of foes will appear, or they'll cast a spell you've never seen them cast before (I could have sworn I got insta-killed earlier by a flame atronarch's nuke spell), and you're on your toes again.

I just finished a quest involving an old Dunmer fortress filled with Dagoth lords, sleepers and ashland zombies. Every new dungeon brings new challenges, and this one once again made me step up my game. It's strange to say this about a game that throws a dice every time you attack to determine whether your axe even connects or not, but this game undeniably involves skill. As for the Morrowind lore? I mentioned it's awesome already, didn't I?

The lore is awesome. It really is.


  1. I never played Morrowind very much. My first Elder Scrolls experience was Oblivion, which I enjoyed greatly, so I naturally wanted to try Morrowind. But alas, the graphics were just to poor for me to get over and I never was able to get into it.

    Great looking blog so far.

  2. I think you may have mentioned that Morrowind is awesome in your last post.

  3. The only games like Morrowind that I tried was Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Dragon Age origins. I wonder if Morrowind is better or worse?

  4. sounds like a great game

    also captcha

  5. fuck morrowind, play diablo 3 (if it ever comes out....)

  6. Morrowwind deserves another post, stat!